You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.

2 Chron. 20:17 NIV


Pastor Mark Chase and Jana Chase

Pastor Mark and Jana Want To See You Overcome!

November 2018

Note from Invicta Admin: Ryan left a testimony regarding deliverance he received on our live stream prayer broadcast on the Periscope app. CLICK HERE for more info about Periscope.

Hi I listened to a periscope video and I uh, had some pain in my neck/back area so I knew it was an unclean spirit, so I listened to the end and wow, I puked a lot, the spirit manifested and screamed as it came out of me and my neck got so tense and tight and felt a release praise the Lord good video.



Ryan K.

Northwest Territories, Canada

August 2018

It was a blessing to come last Tuesday [to Group Session]. I received a lot of healing… the next day as I was driving back to the Keys I was praising God with all my heart and I felt so much abundant joy and freedom, a new break through!


Amanda J.

Key West, FL

March 2018

Hi Pastor Mark,
Thanks again for helping us connect with the healing God had for my life! I jotted some changes that I’ve noticed since that day. After March 17
Week 1
It seems like the harshness in my life is gone.
The block I felt between me and Jesus has been removed.
There is a deep peace in my spirit.
There is less brain fog.
The attacks from the enemy feel that they are from the outside instead of the inside.
Also, Kathy are available to come down the first open Saturday you have in May.
God Bless! Mike


Mike G.

South Carolina

August 2017

When I was very young I was exposed to sexual perversion. I can remember masturbating and looking at porn since I was five years old. Nothing sexual was off limits. I was molested by my sixth grade teacher. That took me to the next sexual level, nothing was ever enough.

For years and years my sexual perversion controlled my life. Then when I got older I started paying for sex to get rid the of pains in my life. I tried to fight that demon over and over, but could not beat it.

One day after I was tired and disgusted with my life style. I said to myself I must be possessed by a demon. When I was sleeping with these women I would pant like a dog and feel like it was not me doing these things. I would ask myself how a man like me that goes to church could be doing these evil things. I wanted to change and did not know how.

One day instead of looking for sex in the internet I started looking for pastors that did exorcism. Then I came across Invicta Ministries. At first, I didn’t have the courage to admit my sins. It took me months to finally visit the church. And then I had the courage to do a one-on-one.

Wow Wow Wow! What can I say? The one-on-one deliverance changed my whole life. I fell in love with Jesus and I haven’t done any of my sexual perversion things for ten months. Every day I get closer to God. I am currently in a Ministry school and hope to help others with any addiction.


Thank You God for putting Invicta Ministries in my path. Please continue to bless Mark and his family.


Noel A.

Miami ,FL

August 2017

There is so much to say but I will be brief. Torment is real and scary and I have been thru deliverance before but this has been the most effective. I been thru years of just extreme turmoil. I can say my torment is gone and I’m learning so much in my journey and thru my process. They truly care and desire you to be FREE!!! I recommend their services to everyone. They teach you and break things down so you truly understand and can fight. They will pray with you and are available. I have gained much more than just deliverance!!! Freedom…Joy….Peace…no restrictions in studying God’s Word!!! I can go on and on.

Thank you so much Pastor Mark & Jana…..the God in you is a breath of fresh air!!!

Yachele S.

Boynton Beach ,FL

March 2017

*In this testimony, Dianne refers to our Periscope live stream video outreach. Click here for details.

Glory to God for both Pastor Mark and Jana, I watched your scope Let My People Go! God used this scope to heal my emotions and anxiety. When you started Let My People Go! it blessed me so much that I watched the replay over and over again. I was even on the Superfan list for a long time.

I have been saved since the age of 7 years old and I am now 52. I have read the Bible cover to cover numerous times by the grace of God through the Holy Spirit. However, this means nothing because no matter how many times one reads the Bible we will always go through trials and need deliverance. As long as we are in this human body, we will need deliverance and healing.

God used your scopes to heal me from my childhood traumas I did not even remember. God uses people for different ministries. I know God has used you both in deliverance and healing to let God’s people go to be free to worship Jesus through His Holy Spirit.

I thank Jesus for your ministry and will send many to you so they can see the glory of God in their lives. I love you both and thank you for allowing God to use you as vessels to set His people free!

Dianne Divens

Los Angeles, CA

February 2017

I first came to Invicta Ministries in February of 2016. At the the time I was going through intense physical and spiritual torment. I had no idea what was going on with me.

Through my research I was referred to Pastor Mark and Pastor Jana and from the very first day,  I was given an understanding of what was happening to me. Pastor Mark reassured me that everything was going to be OK.

I have undergone two deliverance sessions so far and can tell you that my torment has greatly diminished. I thank God for Pastor Mark and Pastor Jana they have given me hope and peace to deal with my torment.

I will forever be grateful for them and their ministry.



February 2017

I sought deliverance after a series of years of failed relationships and cycles of confusion that has continued throughout my life of 35 years. After I had enough pain, I decided to consider that maybe the problem was with ME!

I met Pastor Mark and Jana Chase on Periscope through their interactive deliverance ministry.

I had gone through some deliverance in the past, but this was more thorough. Pastor Mark patiently explained how a link of demonic connections held me in bondage.

I am grateful for his time with me, and recommendation to follow up and continue to break familiar spirits in my life. Thank you Pastor Mark for your care, and including teaching and inner healing in our session.

Blessings in and through Jesus Christ!


Joshua E.


January 2017

I found Pastor Mark at a very dark time in my life.  I had been told by a pastor previously that he suspected spiritual oppression was an issue for me.  In a life changing moment of desperation I did a search for deliverance ministry on the internet and found Invicta.  The miracle was that Pastor Mark was preaching that very evening.  I let nothing stand in my way to get there. 

From that time on my walk with Jesus has become the foundation for my life.  Pastor Mark took me through a deliverance process initially that helped me break through several previously impassable barriers.  This has been followed with some inner healing work. 

Now I need to continue working with him on my prayer life and how to continue to walk in faith. I faithfully watch the periscope broadcasts and they are extremely helpful.  I still have a long way to go.  But finally, and after many years, I feel at peace knowing that I am no longer walking alone in this world nor in the spiritual realm. 

Thank you Jesus. And thank you Pastor Mark for being a role model for me; it is a privilege to know you!

Tony M.


January 2017

If you need freedom from any kind of evil harassment, Pastors Mark and Jana can help.  They can be trusted with your painful memories  or wounds from your past.  They understand their authority in Jesus’ Name and will effectively pray and help you get free from any effects of the evil one.


Boca Raton, FL

December 2016

I have found an inner healing and deliverance pastor who has helped tremendously with my pain. Since beginning healing sessions with Pastor Mark at Invicta Ministries, I have been zip lining, hiking, paddling boarding, surfing, rollerblading and even a little jogging.

If you have any kind of pain, emotional or physical, I encourage you to call Invicta Ministries. I feel free to live life again after being physically limited for 18 years.

Also, a different type of closeness with the Lord has appeared in my spiritual life. I have more trust in Him and less worry. It’s a wonderful way to live!


Fort Lauderdale, FL

September 2016

I was watching and listening to the Periscope broadcast yesterday 9/14/16.

There was a anointing on Pastor Mark. He was so fired up to pray he even said he was ready to pray. As he was praying I was worshiping the Holy Spirit started moving on me. I was praising God an saying in Jesus name with Pastor Mark I started feeling like I wanted to vomit. As I was trying to vomit I was still praising God so I started spitting up nose running voice changing but still praising God…

It was Awesome I felt great when it was all over I had a grateful feeling.

Note from Pastor Mark: Outward signs such as coughing, burping, and vomiting are visible manifestations of the Holy Spirit moving to expel unclean spirits. This is a good thing!

Aquana F.

Lafayette, IN

September 2016


I’ve had 2 deliverance encounters with Pastor Mark of Invicta Ministries recently and I can say I’m 100% healed, delivered and set free.  Although deliverance is a process, we must be willing to stay out of sin, do the work of daily Bible study, worship the Lord, and rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us in all truth.
I didn’t realize how important the inner healing side of deliverance was until I met with Pastor Mark.  The Holy Spirit revealed that I had unforgiveness, bitterness, deep hurt and pain going all the way back to my childhood which I had been carrying for almost 50 years.  I also had self-hatred, pride, torment from pain in my neck all the way to my feet, soul-ties and sick soul-tie, death spirit, anger, guilt, abandonment and rejection… and the list goes on.
I’ve been listening to the daily teachings on Periscope by Pastor Mark and Jana and have learned so much especially about the heart parts or fragmented areas of a person’s life that need inner healing.  I’ve learned that we need to go to the point of pain (p.o.p.) and this may very difficult but so necessary for complete healing.  I’ve learned that my only stronghold is Jesus.
I’m so thankful for this ministry and look forward to sharing with others the great lessons and valuable teachings I’ve received through Invicta Ministries.  We are to do what Jesus did and that is to set the captives free!  God Bless You!
Cheryl R.

Lake Worth, FL

February 2016

Hey Chases, I wrote this today on my downtime. Just a small testimony from our experience with Invicta. Bless this ministry! I contacted Invicta with the hope of saving my marriage. My husband and I were having intense fights that we felt were almost “supernatural.” We became different people. We would snap and start lashing out at each other, attacking one another, saying awful things, threatening divorce and walking out on each other. One night we disagreed over a TV channel and in seconds were having a food fight with two perfectly cooked steak dinners. That was the night the Holy Spirit showed us the enemy was attacking our marriage using our anger, rage, past hurts and unhealed wounds. After a personal deliverance encounter with Pastor Mark and Pastor Jana, my husband and I have had huge breakthroughs in our spiritual healing. We both feel God calling us to live out the anointing He has placed on us. We now attend the weekly Invicta Ministry classes where we learn about how to wage spiritual warfare and how to achieve freedom from demonic oppression in the name of Jesus. Many thanks to Invicta for helping us achieve spiritual freedom through the power and authority of Jesus Christ!

Kimberly D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

January 2016

He went willingly to the service with Pastor Mark…Scott shared with me afterwards that it was the first time he was out socially with “normal” people in a situation other than having to do with court, homelessness, group home, etc. in a very long time, so at first it was sort of a shock to him. But he was open to letting Pastor Mark lay hands on him, anoint him with oil, and pray over him…it was sweet and quietly powerful. Pastor Mark was amazing…so gentle, compassionate, and tender. He spoke words of life over Scott that I know will not return void. I never got any direct feedback from Scott as to how he felt about the service, Pastor Mark, or the prayer, but he hasn’t said anything negative about it either, so that’s actually a good sign wink emoticon …just the fact that he went and got prayed for is pretty huge. I’m hoping that at some point they can connect again.

Kimberly S.

Nashville, TN

January 2016

I have struggled most of my life with torment, oppression and painful emotional trauma from years of abuse.

I had huge abandonment and rejection issues which kept me going from one abusive relationship to the next. I did not think I could ever break free from the cycle of abuse but the Lord brought Pastor Mark and Jana into my life. I am so grateful for them and their ministry. Their compassion and empathy has blessed me.

Through the three encounter processes and the phone sessions I have been set free from all the pain I lived with for my whole life. I have peace and a strength I never had before. This has helped me so much to have the ongoing support I needed to continue the process of inner healing and deliverance.

This has been a miracle because God has brought me through many different healing experiences which helped prepare me for my deliverance and this has definitely broken the chains of bondage that the enemy has used my whole life. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to the Lord for placing Pastor Mark and Pastor Jana in my life at exactly the right time.

Also, to be able to learn and be prayed for on a weekly basis at the Tuesday night service is such a blessing too. God used them greatly to deliver me out of the dark into the light to live a victorious life glorifying the Lord the rest of my days.

Susan S.

Davie, FL

Thank God for Invicta Ministries. Over the last several years I have seen God use the lives of these precious ministers-Pastor Mark and Jana to touch the lives of others.

They are called, dedicated and anointed to set the captives free. They are very diligent and deliberate about taking the Words of God seriously and literally. As a result, they partner with the word of God to bring deliverance to countless lives. They have studied the Words of God and they understand the principles that break curses from peoples’ lives, whether it be generational curses or brought on by others or even self.

There is no fake about Invicta Ministries, it is legitimate. These are real professional, working people, who have embraced the call of God for their lives and they live what they teach.

If you are looking for clean spiritual truth, this is the place to go. Invicta ministries operate in all the gifts of Christ to bring new life to you today. By the spirit of God, these ministers are able to discern bondages in your life, join with your faith and obedience and apply the Word of God to your situation and bring deliverance to your life, so you can be free to be all that God meant you to be.

Thank God for raising up Invicta Ministries for such a time as this.

Valerie Q.

Sunrise, FL

When I first met with Mark and Jana Chase my life was at a low place of unbelief and I was losing the battle against temptation and sexual issues.

Within a few meetings with them I rapidly began to see myself loosed from the attacks I was facing and moving more and more towards walking in freedom as I had always hoped to. Their prayers for me I know covered me and helped build me up.

Through my time with them I came to Christ in a stronger way and now instead of being under attack I am in a place where I am on the attack of fighting temptation and sexual issues.

I will always be eternally grateful for the time they spent with me and even still, Mark, to this day spending time on the phone with me as a mentor.

Zach K.

Tampa, FL

I want to thank you for your help in 2013 when I visited a friend in Tarpon Springs.

Both you and your wife Jana were obedient to your ministry of ministering to broken people. You came on a Sunday and spent time ministering to me and with your dedication I had a breakthrough.

Since then I have been able to receive more healing and I am truly grateful to both of you for being obedient to your calling. I pray that the Lord blesses you both in this ministry of love from the Lord through deliverance.

I love you both


Wasaga Beach, ON

Invicta Ministries is Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-empowered.