When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases,

Luke 9:1 NIV

Invicta ministers to:


Couples—premarital deliverance

Couples—ongoing marriage deliverance

Couples—marriage crisis deliverance

Children & Teens (With Parent)

Entire Families

Ministry Options.

Invicta Ministries wants to see you free from whatever is hindering you from living out the full blessings that God has already planned for you.

We offer four ways to receive deliverance and inner healing ministry from Invicta Ministries:


Deliverance Service  

Our church service schedule is located on the front page of this site. Click HERE

• Private Session (in-person @ our office in Fort Lauderdale)

Private Session (via Zoom)

Private Session (we travel to your location)


Invicta Ministries

A Deliverance Encounter

Deliverance Service

•The Gospel of repentance, deliverance and inner healing in a public group setting

•Held every other week

See front page of this site for next Deliverance Service date/time/location. Click HERE

•Deliverance Service is similar to a one-on-one session in terms of the prayer that takes place

•Practical Biblical teaching on deliverance and inner healing that you can begin applying to your life right now

•Holy Communion

•Free and open to everyone

•Childcare is not provided

•A love offering is taken as well as tithes are received



Private Session

Private Sessions for Individuals

We call these Deliverance Encounter sessions.

Receive intensive, Gospel-based, one-on-one deliverance and inner healing counseling ministry directly from Pastor Mark or Pastor Jana. Deliverance Encounters allow us to get to the root of your specific issues spiritual and emotional vulnerability. Deliverance Encounters are focused on YOU and your specific needs. Deliverance Encounters are private and confidential.

Private Sessions for Couples

These are called Marriage Encounter sessions.

Premarital, Maintenance and Crisis sessions are available. Marriage Encounter sessions are prayer and Scripture-based with an emphasis in deliverance for the couple as a whole.

Deliverance Encounters and Marriage Encounters take place:

In-person @ our office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Via Zoom to anywhere in the world. Zoom deliverance ministry allows you to receive the healing of Christ in the privacy of your own home—no matter where you live in the world. Jesus healed from a distance. Therefore, we teach that Zoom deliverance ministry is equally effective and powerful to achieve the same results as our in-person services and private sessions.

We Travel to You to your location. In certain circumstances, we will travel to you if you require one-on-one ministry but are unable to personally come to Fort Lauderdale. A Deliverance Encounter in your city and state/country. Contact us if you would like Invicta Ministries to travel to you.

A suggested donation to the ministry is requested for each private Deliverance Encounter or Marriage Encounter session.


We Are Here for You, But You Need to Do Your Part

We are here to be vessels of the Holy Spirit to heal you; however, Pastor Mark and Pastor Jana cannot replace your own personal walk with God and your submission to Jesus.

This includes your prayer life, your worship life, fasting and your reading of God’s Word. It also involves your repentance and forsaking of sin. If you are unwilling to give up the major sin areas of your life (especially fornication, pornography, and drug use—including marihuana), then the results of our ministry to you will be hindered. God will not force you to be healed when you are in open sin. 

CLICK HERE to watch a video about what we recommend people to do in order to prepare for their Deliverance Encounter with Invicta Ministries.

We strongly recommend that you attend our deliverance services. It is at our deliverance services where you will acquire important Biblical knowledge about the spiritual war. You will also learn how to walk in your deliverance as you go through your process.

We speak the healing and VICTORY of Jesus Christ over you!

Invicta Ministries is Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-empowered.