Is DPQD blocking you from moving forward in your deliverance process?

For me, it seems natural that after a person has experienced powerful deliverance by the power of God’s Spirit (i.e., clear and forceful demonic manifestations and expulsions) that this person would be “on-board” and excited to continue receiving more healing and deliverance ministry. I would think that they would now cry out with joy, “I feel so much lighter and better. Now I want all the deliverance that God has for me. Thank you Jesus!”

Surprisingly, and on many occasions, I have seen the opposite happen in my ministry. I have seen people experience mighty and clear signs of God’s power in the form of demons being cast out and then, just days later, have no desire to receive further deliverance. They never call again. They turn down every offer to receive more healing and deliverance prayer. Basically, they just disappear from the ministry radar.

This has happened enough times that I have coined a term for it: Demonic Persuasion to Quit Deliverance, or DPQD for short. I decided to give it a name because we are called to expose the fruitless deeds of darkness (Eph. 5:11) and certainly a desire to not receive more of God’s healing is a deed of darkness. So I expose it here.

In order to understand DPQD, you need to understand the persistence of the devil. You see, just because the enemy suffers a setback in the form of demons being cast out of someone, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the person’s demons (very rarely are all the demons expelled in one sitting) will just give up and march out voluntarily.

You will never hear a remaining demon apologize and offer to leave voluntarily. It will never say, “Sorry I bothered this person, the rest of us demons are all just going to leave now. We won’t ever try to bother this person again. Good bye…”

No. After a deliverance, you can be assured that the remaining demons are saying, “She’s mine. You can’t have her! You may have won the battle but not the war. We are never going to give her up!” In other words, the demons are going to fight back!

This is what happens: a person has had a successful deliverance. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, demons were exposed against their will. They were forced to reveal their names and the curse by which they operated—all against their will. Then they were forcefully cast out of the person in the name of Jesus. The person who received the deliverance feels wonderful afterwards and praises God for setting her free.

However, immediately after the deliverance session, the demons that still remain go to work to discourage and try to make the person feel that it wasn’t such a great victory after all. They begin scheming how to stop any further deliverance from taking place. They continue to torment. They do whatever they can because they know that their only hope of staying inside the person is to block the person from receiving additional deliverance ministry.

Then the demons begin to whisper lies into the person’s ears: “this deliverance stuff isn’t really real”; “deliverance is dangerous”; “we’re still here”; “deliverance isn’t Biblical”; “you can’t really have demons anyway since you’re a Christian”; “all this torment is just in your mind—you’re just stressed out”; “you should just cancel that next appointment with Pastor so-and-so…” etc.

If the person believes the lies and chooses to end deliverance ministry, they have just been demonically persuaded to quit their deliverance process. They have just fallen victim to DPQD—demonic persuasion to quit deliverance.

It is sad for the deliverance minister because what he wants most is to see the person in victory over her oppression. However, the worst part about DPQD is that the person submits to Satan’s lies and a victory goes to the enemy. This is not how it is supposed to be. We are called to imitate Christ. Jesus was victorious over Satan. And we are to have victory over the devil too!

Here are five recommendations that I would give anyone who is going through the deliverance process. These recommendations will help them to overcome DPQD:

How to Overcome DPQD

1)      Know that deliverance is a process. It may take some time before every last demon is expelled. Deuteronomy 7:22 says that this process is “little by little.” Therefore, you will need to persist.

2)      Expect the following pattern to emerge in your deliverance process: breakthrough-walk in your deliverance-breakthrough-walk in your deliverance, etc. During the periods between breakthroughs, you need to be especially vigilant of the enemy’s attacks on your emotions.

3)      Expect that the demons will do anything in their power to discourage you from receiving more deliverance prayer. Expect it and know how to pray against it: “I resist you in the name of Jesus”; “I don’t tolerate you Satan”; “I bind you and cancel your assignment on me”; “I will have victory”; “I cover my emotions with the blood of Jesus!”

4)      Expect that the enemy will use other people to discourage you from continuing the deliverance process as well. Family, friends and even well-meaning pastors (especially those who have no practical experience casting out unclean spirits at all) will all rebuke you for seeking deliverance. They will give all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t seek deliverance. These reasons are meant to instill doubt and discouragement. Respond to them with love and remind them that in the Bible, Jesus and His disciples all cast out unclean spirits from the oppressed and that you believe that this ministry still continues today.

5)      Keep resisting, resisting and resisting.

6)      The deliverance process is challenging but the spiritual, emotional and physical freedom that comes from it is worth it!

In conclusion, expect the enemy to try to persuade you to stop getting delivered. Resist this persuasion and tell him, “Get behind me Satan, I WILL be healed!”

Huge Blessings,

Pastor Mark