Ten Signs of Demonization

What are the symptoms of having a demon?


Recognizing the symptoms of demonization (having an unclean spirit on the inside) is important. It is important because the first step in getting deliverance is to realize and admit that there is a spiritual problem to begin with. It’s like our salvation in Christ. The first step in being saved is to admit that we have sin.

It is interesting to note that there is also semantic link between salvation and deliverance. In the New Testament Greek, the word that is used for salvation is soteria which literally means “deliverance.” In fact, I often tell the people that I minister to that one’s salvation in Christ is the requisite first step to being delivered from unclean spirits.

First Salvation in Christ→Then Deliverance

The reason being of course, is that before salvation, one does not possess the authority and power of Christ. This authority and power are given to all who confess Jesus as Lord by the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

And this power and authority are absolutely needed in order to command the enemy to go. Without the Holy Spirit inside of us, there is no power and authority. And without power and authority, one cannot make the devils submit.

When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases.   Luke 9:1

Over the course of my ministry, I have encountered many people who indicate one or more of the spiritual symptoms that I will list in this blog. I would say that these ten symptoms are among the most common that we see here at Invicta Ministries.

Keep in mind however, that this list is not an exhaustive list and there are countless ways that the enemy manifests his stealing, killing and destroying in people’s lives.

The presence of one or two of these may or may not indicate demonization. However, if you are dealing with four or more, I would say that there is a very large possibility that you are dealing with a demon on the inside of you that needs to be cast out.

Either way, you need to go to the Lord about it and ask Him to reveal to you what you are dealing with. I would also add that you need to sit down with a minister of deliverance who can see with spiritual eyes into your personal situation. Usually, if demonization is present, this fact becomes pretty obvious once the deliverance minister begins strong prayer that confronts and resists the enemy.

Prayerfully use this list as a guide—not as an absolute indicator.

Here are ten of the most common signs of demonization that I see in the ministry:

Spiritual Hindrances

Difficulties in:

  • Studying and reading God’s Word
  • Worshiping—Sometimes, pain in certain parts of the body is experienced while worshiping.
  • Giving (both tithing and offering)
  • Taking the communion elements


Hearing Voices

Hearing voices that urge you to do things that you would never consciously desire to do such as:

  • Blaspheme Jesus
  • Engage in acts of sexual perversion—especially acts that are against other people such as rape.
  • Commit criminal acts
  • Commit acts of death or violence


Frequent Contemplation of Suicide


Encounters with “Aliens”

  • Sightings
  • Abduction experiences

Remember, there are no aliens—just demons. After the person’s deliverance these experiences stop.


Strife and Violence-Filled Relationships

Especially when there is divorce, control, manipulation or isolation.


Spiritual Gifts not from the Holy Spirit

  • Psychic ability
  • The ability to act as a medium—even if they are encounters with deceased loved ones
  • Levitation and other acts that defy God’s natural laws
  • Astral projection


See Supernatural Things

  • Shadows or dark shapes
  • Objects move by themselves
  • Hear noises
  • See “ghosts”—remember, there are no ghosts—just demons


Being Sexually Violated When Alone

  • This can happen to both men and women
  • Also, snakes or other things that “violate” a person’s sleep time in bed


Unexplained Infirmities

  • Things that the doctor just can’t find a cause
  • Unexplained fainting



  • Constant headache
  • Pressure on the chest
  • Sensation of choking
  • “Clawing” on the inside
  • Back pain/pressure


If you are dealing with these, reach out and get good Biblical counsel and deliverance prayer from someone who understands the reality of the wiles of the devil. Don’t be ashamed to expose it. Pastor Jana and I have pretty much seen and heard it all, so don’t be embarrassed to reveal what you are going through!

What the enemy wants least is to be exposed.

The enemy desires to operate in darkness and secrecy. The enemy wants his victim to not even believe that a real devil or demons exist.

And the enemy most definitely doesn’t want his victim to know that a follower of Christ has the power and authority to cast him out—in the name of Jesus!