What is Invicta Ministries?


Invicta Ministries is a Holy Spirit-driven Christian ministry whose mission, calling and anointing is to set the captives free. Invicta is led by Pastors Mark and Jana Chase.

We are a deliverance ministry located in Broward County, Florida between Miami and Palm Beach. We serve people who come to us from around South Florida, from around the state, and from around the nation.

Invicta Ministries has three primary mission priorities: First, to bring about the healing of people’s souls (the thoughts, feelings and emotions) that have been wounded or broken as a result of the abuse, abandonment and rejection that was experienced in childhood. Second, to expel, in the name of Jesus, demons that have entered into the mind and body. And third, to educate the body of Christ about the nature of the spiritual war that is described in God’s Word.

The first ministry directive, inner healing, focuses on healing unresolved pain and trauma from the past. This pain and trauma typically stems from sexual abuse (molestation and rape), rejection by a parent, abandonment by a caregiver as well as emotional, spiritual and physical abuse. If left unhealed, a wounded or broken soul can cause many blockages and hindrances in a person’s life. Invicta Ministries believes that such a damaged soul can only be healed by the Holy Spirit of God.

The second ministry directive of Invicta Ministries is deliverance. This entails forcefully resisting the demonic spirits that attack the emotions and bodies of those who we minister to and expelling them in the name of Jesus. This process typically takes place after we have resolved the strongholds and generational sin that allowed the demons to remain in the individual to begin with. We believe that every believer of Christ has the power and authority to command that the devil go—in the name of Jesus.

Finally, Invicta Ministries has a burden to teach and equip the body of Christ about the nature of the spiritual war that Paul the Apostle talks about in 2 Corinthians 10 and Ephesians 6.

To accomplish this, Invicta Ministries holds a weekly Deliverance and Inner Healing Service. During this service, both Mark and Jana instruct participants on varied aspects of spiritual warfare. These issues include characteristics of the demonic, generational sin (curses), strongholds, the legal rights that demons use to steal, kill and destroy as well as the authority of the name of Jesus to overcome every force of darkness.

If you suffer from demonic torment or experience unbearable emotional heaviness from what they did to you when you were a child, you need to know that there is help and there is healing. Reach out to Invicta and get plugged in to what our ministry has to offer—either the weekly Deliverance and Inner Healing Service or a private and confidential Deliverance Encounter.

Huge blessings,

Pastor Mark

[email protected]