Here at Invicta Ministries, we teach that the marriage of two followers of Christ is a powerful and effective spiritual weapon against the forces of darkness.

In the spiritual war, an equally yoked, Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-empowered marriage is an awesome weapon against the forces of darkness. When the two become one—united in their desire to submit to God and resist the devil, the marriage becomes a solid fortress against the enemy.

And the above traits are precisely the keys that make the Godly marriage such a powerful force in the spiritual: First, both are equally yoked. This means that, for the most part, both are at the same level in their relationship with Christ. Both have about the same level of intimacy with the Lord. It also means that both share a very similar understanding and revelation of God’s Word.

Next, a powerful marriage is Christ-centered. Both need to know that ultimately, the marriage is not about them but about magnifying the name of Jesus. Spouses that know that Jesus is the priority in their marriage are able to relate to one another much better. Christ-centered spouses are merciful, just and forgiving. And since Christ-centered marriages know their Biblical authority and power over the enemy, they do not tolerate any of the devil’s schemes to meddle in their marriage union or even in their family.

God-ordained marriages are Holy Spirit-empowered. Both are constantly in agreement about inviting the Holy Spirit of God into their marriage at all times. This permits their relationship, their ministries, their businesses and their parenting to move in powerful alignment with God’s perfect plan for them.

In a Godly marriage, the blessing of Matthew 18:19 is constantly being felt. Both are consistently in agreement over the prayer issues of that the couple has. And what better way to confront the devil than being in agreement that the enemy needs to get out—in Jesus’ name!

This is why the enemy attacks the God-ordained marriage with such ferocity. The enemy knows that if he can cause a marriage to stumble, he has a much better chance of making the individual spouses fall. The devil also hates the Godly marriage because it says no to sexual sin. Godly spouses keep the marriage bed undefiled which brings even more power into their marriage. I always preach that purity=power!

If you are not yet married, don’t rush! Wait and pray for God to show you the person with whom He wants you to do life together. And when you do find that special person that you think might be “the one,” schedule a session of pre-marital deliverance with Invicta Ministries before you tie the knot. Let’s make sure that you’re not inviting any demons to walk with you down the aisle!

If you are married, but are not equally yoked, heavy prayer (especially strong spiritual warfare prayer—binding, loosing, resisting and casting out) and fasting is in order.

And finally, if you are already in an equally yoked marriage, keep inviting the Holy Spirit to move both of you where He wants you to be and enjoy the blessings and joy of the marriage covenant!

Invicta Ministries of Deliverance and Inner Healing is based out of beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Huge blessings,

Pastor Mark